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Because Location is everything!

When you are either a leisure or a business traveler, you want everything at your feet or at least, to be at the very best starting point, so you can effortlessly access the nearby sights. Our boutique hotel is literally situated in the heart of the center of Kavala town.

Set a 2-minute walk towards Kamares, or head to the Old Town for a traditional look and feel, coupled with stunning views!

Kamares – Aqueduct

The most characteristic monument of Kavala is the large, arched aqueduct, known by the name “Kamares” (Arches), with a length of 270 m and a maximum height of 25 m.

Built in 1520-1530 and are a huge structure, out of proportion to the size of the then insignificant settlement. Today, are no longer of vital importance, but they still being imposing, maintaining their beauty and grandeur.


At the peak of the Old Town proudly stands the fortress, a landmark of Kavala and one of its sights with the most stunning view.

Today, visitor can see:

  • The central circular tower, which was the last line of defense
  • The gunpowder and food store, which was later converted into a jail
  • The garrison, a space suitable for the quarters of the officers or guards
  • The water cistern


UNESCO World Heritage Site
The region of Philippi is connected to many exceptional historical figures and events that shaped the Western world. Stunning monuments, which have survived until today, are evidence of the long history of the cultures that interacted and grew in this region.

Archaeological excavations at Philippi were started in 1914 by the French Archaeological School.

In July 2016 the archaeological site of Philippi was inscribed on the UNESCO register of world heritage sites.

Peramos - Ammolofoi

Chrystal Clear Waters

In about 20 minutes’ drive, you will arrive to our own Paradise… Peramos & Ammolofoi region, is definitely the first choice while on summer vacation.

Ammolofoi Beach is spread in a 3km coastline and combines fine sand with crystal clear waters.

On the beach you will find many beach bars which offer sun beds, umbrellas and parking all for free. You may enjoy your drink, your coffee or your snack watching the endless blue of the Aegean archipelago.

Pangaio Mt

Mountain villages, running waters, Byzantine monasteries, myths, history, beauty, Pangaio and its surrounding villages are an ideal destination for all those who love nature, traditional flavours and adventure.

Pangaio is known from mythology, since this is where it is said that Orpheus lived and where Dionysus, the great god of Thrace, had his sanctuary.

The Municipality of Pangaio, just 17 km from Kavala, is ideal for both summer and winter escapes.

Thassos a true paradise

With crystal-clean waters, golden sandy beaches, pine trees that reach as far as the coasts, dense forests and olive trees, ancient monuments and traditional villages, the aromas of thyme and pine everywhere, Thassos is the perfect destination for a nearby getaway!

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